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TOR Environmental & Social (E&S) Specialist




1.Project number:P174986 2.Organization name: Saint Lucia Central Statistical Office, The Ministry of Finance, Economic Development and Youth Economy
3. Project name: OECS Data for Decision Making (DDM) Project- 3.1.Position:Environmental and Social Specialist
4. Contract duration:

Beginning:  December 1, 2023

End:          November 30, 2024


4.1 This position reports to: Project Coordinator

5.     Project Background:

The OECS Data for Decision Making (DDM) Project is a regional project that seeks to improve the capacity of participating Eastern Caribbean countries to produce and publicly disseminate statistical data for country and regional level analytics. It will be implemented by Grenada, Saint Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and the OECS Commission. The Project seeks to achieve the PDO by strengthening both national and regional level capacities. At the national level, Component 1 and Component 2 of the Project will strengthen national statistical systems through:

(i)  statistical modernization and capacity building and (ii) data collection, analysis, and dissemination, with a focus on the population and housing census, living conditions surveys, labor market surveys, and agricultural census. At the regional level, Component 3 of the project will support the OECS Commission’s mandate for regional integration and the strengthening of the regional statistical system. Component 4 will support project implementation, and Component 5 will provide a contingency option for immediate surge funding in the event of an eligible national emergency.

 In Saint Lucia, the Department of Economic Development and Youth Economy (DED), within the Ministry of Finance, Economic Development and Youth (MoFED) will be the lead agency for the implementation of the Project. A Project Implementation Unit (PIU) for the Saint Lucia portion of the Project will be established in the DED in the MoFED under the Central Statistical Office (CSO), which is a Division within the DED in the MoFED. The PIU will be performing the day-to-day implementation of the Project, including Finance, procurement, Environmental and Social Safeguards, Citizen Engagement, and Monitoring and Evaluation. It is in this regard that the Project is hiring a part-time Environmental and Social (E&S) Specialist to ensure compliance with Environmental and Social Safeguards.

6.         The Environmental and Social Framework

 The objectives of this Project are subject to the Environmental and Social Framework (ESF) of the World Bank. The ESF requires considering environmental and social issues throughout the preparation and execution of a project, with greater emphasis on stakeholder participation and

monitoring. Additionally, it establishes more clearly the functions and responsibilities of the World

Bank and its borrowers and proposes a hierarchical risk management approach which is proportionate to the risks and impacts of the projects.


The ESF consists of the Environmental and Social Policy and 10 Environmental and Social Standards (ESS) as follows:

  • ESS 1: Evaluation and Management of Environmental and Social Risks and Impacts
  • ESS 2: Work and Labor Conditions
  • ESS 3: Resource efficiency and pollution prevention and management
  • ESS4: Community Health and Safety
  • ESS 5: Land Acquisition, Land Use Restrictions and Involuntary Resettlement
  • ESS 6: Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Management of Living Natural Resources
  • ESS 7: Indigenous Peoples / Historically Neglected Traditional Local Communities of Sub-Saharan Africa
  • ESS 8: Cultural Heritage
  • ESS9 Financial Intermediaries
  • ESS 10: Stakeholder Participation and Information Disclosure


The relevant ESS for the Project identified during project preparation are the following: ESS 1, ESS 2, ESS 3, ESS4, and ESS 10.




 Key of this position: To strengthen the capacity of the Project Implementation Unit (PIU) with managing and effectively implementing the Environmental and Social Standards (ESS) as per the World Bank's Environmental and Social Framework (ESF), including Environmental Social, Health and Safety (ESHS)and assisting with monitoring and reporting. The Environmental and Social (E&S) Specialist will be responsible for

management of Environmental and Social risks, including the ESHS risks of the project and its activities during their implementation.

Responsibilities and Deliverables:
General Responsibilities
During the duration of the Project, the E&S specialist will:

  • Provide expert advice to the Project Coordinator and other PIU staff with regard to strategies and approaches to effectively and efficiently comply with relevant World Bank Environmental and Social Standards and national requirements and assist in the development of required documentation related to environmental and social aspects of project operations.
  • Seek and develop opportunities to improve and integrate sound environmental and social management and policies in the operation of the implementing agencies, including improving environmental and social benefits and providing value-added service, and the capacities of relevant local clients and other stakeholders.
  • Coordinate and share information with World Bank staff and consultants; and provide reporting on project activities and environmental/social concerns as they arise, to serve as documentation of compliance and to support periodic reporting to the implementing agencies.
  • Assist in environmental management and pollution control to minimize environmental impacts such as related to waste; occupational and community health and safety; e-waste etc
  • Promote and implement social inclusion approach to include the participation of the most vulnerable including the poor, single female head of household, women, youth at risks, disabled, LGBT, among others. Ensure the implementation of Citizen Engagement approach in stakeholder engagement processes, as well as gender approach -gender equity, and non- discrimination.
  • When there are constraints on conducting public meetings (example, the context of COVID19), implement the recommendations given in the World Bank technical note on “Public Consultations and Stakeholder Engagement in WB-supported operations when there are constraints on conducting public meetings” issued on March 20, 2020.

More specifically, the E&S specialist is expected to implement and report upon various activities as follows:

  • Follow-up for the implementation and monitoring of the implementation of the Environmental and Social Commitment Plan.
  • Screen and scope all project activities to evaluate and assess the potential environmental and social risks or impacts and to determine, document and implement required mitigation measures.
  • Review the project and sub-projects under implementation ensuring that environmental and social issues are properly addressed through project-specific environmental and social analysis, which may include issues related to natural habitats, forests, vulnerable people and stakeholder engagement; and occupational health and safety, as well as the World Bank’s Environmental and Social Standards as they become relevant. Assist in the stakeholder identification and analysis to support a comprehensive analysis and the design of an inclusive engagement process, and implementation, consistent with the Stakeholder Engagement Plan of the Project and the ESF.
  • He/she will be responsible for any required update and successful implementation of project environmental and social assessment instruments/documentation. The latter includes the elaboration of Terms of Reference for Technical Assistance, and for the preparation of environmental impact/risk assessments, and environmental management plans.
  • Monitor and support the implementation of the labor management procedures; waste and E-waste management measures/plans; measures for community health and safety, as part of the ESMF; chance find procedures as part of the ESMF, Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP), Grievance Redress Mechanisms, and other instruments that can become relevant for the project.
  • Implement and report on the Grievance Mechanism (GM) per project and sub-projects, including proper management of grievance related the Sexual Exploitation and Abuse and Sexual Harassment.
  • Conduct consultations with the relevant project beneficiaries on a regular basis to ensure that issues are addressed in a timely manner and that project beneficiaries are kept abreast of developments.
  • Systematically document all stakeholder engagement processes with project beneficiaries, vulnerable populations, and local communities.
  • Conduct field supervision, monitoring and inspection of individual projects and subprojects to ensure compliance with the mitigation measures required, the World Bank’s policies, and the national laws.
  • Working with the PIU Procurement staff, ensure that environmental and social compliance, as per the requirement of the ESF, code of conduct and workers GM are incorporated as appropriate in bidding and contracts for goods and services (mainly civil works contracts) and ensure that contractors are fully aware of their responsibilities in this regard.
  • Coordinate with the procurement staff to ensure that the environmental and social clauses are adequately incorporated in bidding and contract documents, items are budgeted and included in the Bill of Quantities (BoQ);
  • Assist the implementing agencies in the preparation of the environmental and social aspects of project progress reports as necessary. Support the Project Coordinator as needed in the E&S tasks.



The E&S specialist shall produce the following as applicable to the project:


  1. Environmental and Social Management Plans as needed based on the Environmental and Social Assessment/ screening with its relevant tools: E-waste

Management Plan (EWMP), occupational health and safety plan as part of the project operation manual, among others, and as relevant to the ESS of the World Bank.

  1. Consistent with the requirements of the ESCP, Biannual report on the implementation of the ESCP, including reporting on the implementation of the Labor Management Procedure and Worker Grievance Mechanism, under ESS2; Environmental and Social Management Framework, and Stakeholder Engagement Plan with its GM Consultation Strategy for the duration of the project (including details on targeted strategies for the various sub-projects, identification of stakeholders and methods of engagement as well as a timeline). Excellent record keeping in capturing the nature, extent, participation, outcomes etc. of
  2. Tracking Grievances through monthly report
  3. Record keeping of GRM log.
  1. Reporting on project activities and environmental/social concerns as they arise, including accident and incident reporting, to serve as documentation of compliance and to support periodic reporting to the implementing agencies. The E&S specialist will assist the implementing agencies in review and preparation of the environmental aspects of progress reports as
  2. Consultation (Project and Beneficiary level), Social Development Monitoring and Evaluation Plan, including:
    1. A consultation strategy to facilitate stakeholder/beneficiary involvement and be responsible for its
    2. Facilitate on-going BRIEFS (Beneficiary Review Forums) at each project site to create an opportunity for project stakeholders to clarify expectations and facilitate measurement and analysis of ongoing impacts of the project on
    3. Ensure there is a functioning grievance complaints mechanism for project affected persons, receive and track complaints up to their
    4. Develop a framework – including indicators and institutional arrangements for monitoring the social impacts/outcomes of the
    5. Monitor and report on the implementation of the Environmental and Social Commitment



Education Bachelor’s degree in Social Science, Sociology, Cultural Anthropology, International Development or related field.

Work experience &skills


Work experience & skills -    At least 3 years’ experience of working with E&S aspects of World Bank and/or other donor organization financed projects.

-               Knowledge of Social Safeguards policies/Environmental and Social Standards (ESS) and social development requirements, and/or similar policies with other organizations.

-               Knowledge of related laws and policies of Saint Lucia or countries of the Eastern Caribbean region

-               Experience working in Grenada/ Saint Lucia/ Saint Vincent and Grenadine, or in Eastern Caribbean countries

Language skills High proficiency in spoken and written English
Computer literacy High proficiency in MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, MS Project etc,) and excellent web navigation skills.






Other skills

-               High professional and personal integrity;

-               Ability to submit information in a clear, concise manner and in formats suitable for non-specialists

-               Strong analytical and problem-solving skills and proven ability to apply these in carrying out operational tasks, identifying issues, presenting findings/ recommendations and contributing to resolution of sector and country issues;

-               Capacity to work simultaneously on a variety of issues and tasks, independently adjusting to priorities and achieving results with agreed objectives and deadlines;

-               Strong interpersonal skills and ability to work effectively with internal/external partners;

-               Excellent communication and interpersonal skills;

-               Ability to work both independently and collaboratively in a team;





The initial duration of the consultancy service rendered will be 12 months in the first instance with a probationary period of 3 months. The contract will be extendable subject to satisfactory performance. The project duration is five (5) years. This is a part-time contract.





The E&S Specialist will be selected through the “Individual Consultant Selection method” in accordance with the World Bank Procurement Regulations for IPF Borrowers (Procurement Regulations), November 2020.

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