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SWIFT survey

The Central Statistical Office of Saint Lucia will undertake the SWIFT Survey (Survey of Well-being via Instant and Frequent Tracking). This survey is targeted at resident households and a multi-stage, random sample of the population will be selected. The survey seeks to collect information on the relationship between poverty level and disaster risk. The survey also seeks to:

  • Estimate income levels of the population
  • Assess how different population segments respond to disaster risk reduction programs or services
  • Assess natural disaster experiences of the population
  • Assess disaster perception and behaviors
  • Estimate the level of preventive measures
  • Estimate disaster risk perception (subjective resilience)
  • Estimate the quantity and quality of investment in housing

The CSO thanks you for participating in this survey. Please check out our frequently asked questions to learn more about our surveys. If you have any questions, you can also contact us here.

For more information on the standard SWIFT modules we will be using, click here.


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