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Terms of Reference

Census Coordinator – Agriculture and Fisheries Census

Organisation of the Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) Data for Decision Making Project 

Title: Census Coordinator – Agriculture and Fisheries Census Saint Lucia,

Project Implementation Unit for the OECS Data for Decision Making Project

Location: Saint Lucia Central Statistical Office, The Ministry of Finance, Economic Development and Youth Economy
Duration: 10 months
Tentative Date: Start 1st March , 2024



The mission of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food Security and Rural Development (MAFFSRD), is to “sustain a diversified national income database from Agriculture and Fisheries and enhance the integrity of rural livelihood systems: by generating the capacity for efficiency and the competitive production and marketing of respective goods and services”. To fulfill its mission, MAFFSRD needs sound and accurate data in the agricultural sector. Despite recognizing the importance of data and statistics, the Ministry remains challenged in its capacity to produce the minimum set of core data required by the stakeholders. In its quest to improve the availability of data and statistics in the agricultural sector, the MAFFSRD has decided to conduct a new Census of Agriculture and Fisheries (CAF) in Saint Lucia in 2024, i.e. 16 years after the last CAF. The new CAF will not only provide a snapshot of agriculture but it will also provide an opportunity to identify trends and structural changes in the sector in Saint Lucia. It will also be a valuable source of data for the Government and the private sector of the country to develop and monitor food and nutrition security policies and investments in the agricultural sector. The CAF will provide key information for understanding the dynamics of possible future developments of the country, such as: agricultural area operated, farm management methods, characteristics of holders and farm managers, farm workforce etc. Comprehensive information on fisheries activities developed at farm level will be collected as well.

The Ministry of Agriculture seeks to formulate sound sector policies in conjunction with suitable projects and programs, inclusive of effective business decisions that will positively influence the development of its sectors. As such, the Government of Saint Lucia is fully supportive of the census and has pledged financial assistance (some of which has already been allocated in the 2023/2024 budget for the conduct of the CAF, using the established guidelines of the World Programme for the Census of Agriculture 2020 (WCA 2020). The aim of this national project is to facilitate the implementation of the 2024 CAF activities as outlined and detailed in the draft work plan, its accompanying budget and according to the Census Legislation. To accomplish the aforementioned, an Agriculture and Fisheries Census Coordinator (CAFC) is vital for the successful execution of these activities. Apart from the Ministry of Agriculture, its related agencies and the main users and producers of agricultural and fisheries data, other beneficiaries of the CAF include researchers, students, investors, banking/lending institutions, manufacturers/suppliers of farm and fishery tools/equipment, and the rural development organizations just to name a few. The census will serve also as the starting point to establish an integrated agricultural statistics system that will also include regular agricultural sample surveys, administrative data and other sources. All farmers and fishers operating in Saint Lucia will be called on to participate in the CAF, which offers a great opportunity to update the farm registries and the sampling frame for future farm-based surveys.



In order to facilitate the successful conduct of the 2024 CAF, a CAFC will be recruited and will assume overall responsibility for implementation of the census. He/she will be advised by the OECS Data for Decision Making Project Steering Committee (PSC) and to a lesser extent by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries Technical Working Group (TWG) on matters related to implementation. The CAFC will also be required to work closely with the Central Statistics Office and Ministry of Agriculture personnel. The Census Coordinator’s responsibilities are more specifically outlined as follows:

  1. Plan, manage, organize and coordinate all census activities, in keeping with recommendations from the previously conducted pre-tests;
  2. Review and finalize Census Implementation Plan/Work Plan;
  3. Review and finalization of the census budget;
  4. Develop and manage logistical plans, including ensuring the timely payment of field personnel;
  5. Overall implementation of the work plan subsequent to review and finalization of current draft;
  6. Provide guidance on strategic issues to the census stakeholders;
  7. Chair the census stakeholder consultations and committee meetings including users-producers workshop and reconciling differences in opinion and approach between stakeholders;
  8. Document and follow up on important actions taken and decisions made at meetings chaired;
  9. Organize regular meetings with the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries office staff responsible for the various areas of the census work to assess the census progress;
  10. Coordinate training to all census staff on relevant topics or areas pertinent to project implementation.
  11. Coordinate recruitment of staff hired for the census, including field enumerators and supervisors, trainers.
  12. Prepare Terms of Reference for consultants that will contribute to the various phases of the 2024 CAF.
  13. Ensure that the census programme aligns with the requirements of stakeholder groups;
  14. Address any issues that have major implications for the census implementation and execution;
  15. Communicate expectations and critical decisions to the executive management of the census office;
  16. Identify the required resources and provide assistance where appropriate for relevant specifications for the procurement of those resources;
  17. Conduct proper monitoring, allocation and utilization of census resources;
  18. Report on the status of implementation of the census activities to the executive management of the census office and the census advisory committee;
  19. Manage the day to day operations of the census Office;
  20. Provide overall supervision of field personnel (from headquarters) and the real time monitoring of data quality (e.g. daily analysis of the Survey Solutions database to identify potential issues with particular units or enumerators while they are still in the field);
  21. Act as the focal point for coordination with FAO and other relevant Government Agencies and institutions;
  22. In collaboration with the Communication Unit of the Ministry of Agriculture and relevant media expert consultant, manage the planning of the Census publicity campaign and prepare press releases and other documents for the media;
  23. In collaboration with the FAO, oversee the compilation all relevant reports.


  •  A Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture, Statistics, Economics, Business Administration or a related field;
  • At least five years’ experience in project coordination/management;
  • Experience in the knowledge and management of large-scale statistical operations, including censuses and surveys undertaken for 2 similar assignments;
  • Worked on at least 2 assignments that involved working with multiple stakeholders;
  • At least 2 years’ experience in the use of computer applications for a variety of tasks including Computer-Assisted Personal Interviews (CAPI) software, specifically Survey Solutions
  • Worked on at least 1 assignment funded by a national or international organization;
  • Prior experience working in the region and demonstrated knowledge of local culture and norms will be an asset.


Deliverables expected from the CAFC will include, but are not limited to:

  • Finalized Census Implementation Plan/Work Plan outlining process for conducting an Agricultural and Fisheries census
  • Revised Census Budget
  • Census training plan to ensure timely training of staff, field work activities, data processing (coding, data entry) and analysis
  • Monthly Census Implementation Reports
  • Outline of Census Public Awareness and Communication Strategy
  • Final Report including the activities undertaken and recommendation for the post enumeration plan
  • Press Releases


 The coordination of the Agriculture and Fisheries Census project will be for a period of approximately ten (11) months, commencing 1st March 2024 and ending 1st December 2024


The CAFC will be selected through the “Individual Consultant Selection method” in accordance with the World Bank Procurement Regulations for IPF Borrowers (Procurement Regulations), November 2020.

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